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Detective Division

     The Detective Division is primarily responsible for the follow-up or primary investigation of crimes committed against persons and property in the Town of Raynham including investigations of homicide, assault, robbery, sex crimes, child abuse, burglary, larceny, embezzlement, and internet crimes. The Detectives are responsible for the investigation of all unattended deaths, high level, street level drug dealing, illegal gambling, and liquor law violations. This unit also handles forgery, fraud, and identity theft.  Our detectives are trained arson investigators and work with the Raynham Fire Department to determine causes for all major fires and cases of arson. Raynham Detectives conduct low profile patrol functions as well and work various shifts as situations arise. 

Additionally, this unit assists in managing the sex offenders in cooperation with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry (SORB)

Det. Sgt. David Bonaparte

Det. Juv. Louis Pacheco

Det. William Donnelly

Det. Ed Reilly

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